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Who will be King of the Kappa?

Dec 8 2016 - By Kim Swift

We’re super excited to be working with Daybreak to get Twitch Prime members exclusive access to a Twitch skin pack for King of the Kill including a whole Twitch outfit featuring Twitch Conveys, and an amazing Kappa paper bag mask. Find out more about the Twitch Prime pack for King of the Kill, check this out. And if you don’t know about Twitch Prime, find out more at www.twitchprime.com.

To celebrate, Twitch Prime is hosting King of the Kappa, a two-day King of the Kill event in collaboration with Beyond the Summit. Catch the action on December 10 & 11, as ten of your favorite King of the Kill streamers become contenders in this spectacle to see who will reign supreme. Not only will you get to check out the new Twitch Prime loot, but you’ll get to see the clever challenges that Beyond the Summit has put together.

Check out the stream on https://www.twitch.tv/beyondthesummit on Saturday, December 10 from 1pm — 6:30pm PST, and again on Sunday, December 11 from 12pm — 5pm PST to see GassyMexican, Curvyllama, GoldGlove, FemSteph, Julia_tv, CDNThe3rd, OPscT, Crunk_Muffin, Ninja and Anthony_Kongphan compete. Who will become the ultimate King of the Kappa? Tune in to find out!

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