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Channel Feed: Now With Comments!

Jul 11 2016 - By Brian Petrocelli

Since the Channel Feed beta began in March, we’ve been delighted to see all the interesting ways streamers have used their Channel Feeds to interact with their communities. From schedule updates, to blog posts, to polls measured with Twitch emotes, it’s been fun to watch the experiment unfold.

While Channel Feed posts have been a great way for streamers to reach out to their communities, they’re about to become a lot more interactive. Starting today subscribers and friends will be able to keep the conversation going even when the stream is offline with comments on Channel Feed posts!

Streamers, wondering what game your community would like to see you play? Which meme they think is dankest? Or maybe what type of pizza you should order for a social eating stream? Comments will let you stay in touch with your community for all that and more. Oh and don’t worry, you and your mods can delete any comments you find inappropriate.

So streamers keep the posts coming! And communities get out there and spread some comment love to your favorite broadcasters. We can’t wait to see the creative ways everyone will use comments.

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