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Former FGC Pro Ryutaro “Aru” Noda Joins Twitch

Dec 9 2015

As we continue to build up the Twitch presence in Japan, having people on staff who understand that country’s long-standing FGC community is an important part of our roadmap. To that end, prominent shoutcaster and former pro Street Fighter champ Ryutaro “Aru” Noda is joining our Partnerships team!

Aru joins a team of Street Fighter stalwarts including Victor “Victheslik” Denchartphan, former pro and current shoutcaster Mike “Mike Ross” Ross, and current pro GamerBee, to help create a global community around this legendary franchise. Building off our success with the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour — the largest global Street Fighter tournament to date, we’ll continue to foster growth of the FGC on Twitch with Aru being the perfect accelerator.

With many years under his belt as a shoutcaster and pro-gamer, Aru has become a popular personality in the Japanese gaming world. His ties with developers, publishers, players, media, and the broader gaming community will help us continue to deliver the best content.

Below is the Japanese translation.

プロゲーム実況の第一人者 アールがTwitch参戦


アールには今後さらなる成長が期待される格闘ゲーム業界で、アメリカのVictheslik(本名:Victor Denchartphan), MikeRoss, 台湾のGamerbeeと協力して世界を巻き込んだコミュニティ形成に取り組んでもらいたいと考えています。我々Twitchは2015年カプコンプロツアー(世界最大のストリートファイター大会)での成功を受けて、引き続き格闘ゲーム業界の発展と成長に貢献していきたいと願っています。アールの思い描く未来と我々のビジョンは非常に近く、今後のTwitchの活動の原動力となってくれることでしょう。


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