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Major Nelson’s First-Ever Twitch Broadcast from Xbox One

Mar 3 2014

You may already know that Twitch broadcasting is coming to Xbox One on March 11. Did you know that Major Nelson already has his hands on a Twitch-enabled Xbox One and will broadcast for the very first time tonight — Monday, March 3 at 8pm PT (11pm ET)?

Be sure to tune in to Major Nelson’s Twitch Channel to check it out. He’ll playing some Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare with some of his Microsoft pals.

You also may begin seeing other Xbox One broadcasts over the coming week. A select group of Xbox beta testers is getting the updated Twitch app as we speak. We want to make sure that when you get the updated app, it has been put through the paces and will hold up to the millions of Xbox One gamers that will get their first taste of game broadcasting.

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