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8BitSF Chiptune Concert Series Continues on Twitch

May 9 2013

The San Francisco chiptune collective, 8bitSF, is back with another installment of their monthly concert series, and it’s happening tonight on Twitch.

WHERE: http://twitch.tv/weekingeek WHEN: Thursday, May 9, 8:30PM PST INFO: http://8bitsf.com/2013/04/dj-cutman-arival-en-cowell-dj-r3y.html

The three acts on display tonight may be new to you, especially if you’re just starting to get into the world of chiptune. To that end, we talked to the head of 8BitSF and frontman for Crashfaster, Morgan Tucker, for some insight into these artists.

Dj CUTMAN: “We’re really excited to be the launching point for DJ Cutman’s first trip to the West Coast. His ability to seamlessly fuse chiptunes and video game music with incredibly hard-hitting, bass-heavy dance beats is going to shatter people’s minds.”

A_Rival: “A_Rival is perhaps best know for his rhymes and catchy chip-hop tunes, but recently he’s been perfecting his own flavor of cutting electro anthems. He’s got a brand new album coming out later this month that he’ll be debuting at 8bitSF.”

E.N. Cowell: “E.N.Cowell has evolved more than almost any other artist in the Bay Area chipmusic scene. He started with dual Game Boys, then moved on to the sample-based portable Little Piggy Tracker. Since then, he’s been perfecting FM synthesis (Sega Genesis style) and blended all of these together, creating a truly unique, 80’s anime-inspired electro house mash-up.”

Tune in to Week in Geek tonight to catch the show, which will also dj sets from Sony PlayStation video director, R3Y GUTI3RR3Z. If you’re here in San Francisco, feel free to swing on by DNA Lounge, and get a taste of our cities awesome nerd culture.

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